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Strategic Business Solutions

We're also a strategic partner for your business

As a business owner, you face many challenges to achieving success. The time and energy you must commit to your business can be substantial. That’s why, to help your business survive and grow, it helps to have a financial partner who understands your needs and cares deeply about your success.

Lutheran Financial Services can help you sort out the complicated financial issues you often encounter and be a strategic resource you can rely on to help your business run as smoothly as possible. We are here to simplify your financial life – in your business and in your personal life as well.

Because we are also a small business, we understand the challenges that business owners face in both good times and bad. We recognize the importance of growing your business and being innovative to stay one step ahead of your competition and market conditions. Often, a business owner’s primary investment is his or her business. We incorporate this understanding and philosophy into our overall approach.

We can help make your business more profitable by providing quality and cost-effective benefits that help both you as well as your employees. We will work with you to identify your business goals and recommend strategies that can potentially help you get there.

We can help you design an affordable and easy-to-maintain retirement plan that’s appropriate for your business. From plan implementation to funding, we can help you evaluate your needs and choose the most suitable retirement program for you and your business.

Our business services include:

  • 401(k) plans
  • Pension and profit sharing plans
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Plan participant education
  • Exit strategies and succession planning
  • Business insurance and risk management

“Remember the Lord your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful.” ~ Deuteronomy 8:18